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As part of attempts to strengthen the vaccination system, dentists will be joining doctors and nurses in administering vaccinations.


Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima, announcing that the city intends to set up 24-hour coronavirus vaccination venues.

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As long as there is a doctor in site to deal with the infrequent emergencies and to guide people that want to know more or have special needs then anybody can deliver a vaccine with a single day of training and preparation.

Now lets see how long it takes for the rest of Japan to follow Fukuoka's lead and speed up the vaccination efforts.

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I find it funny little Miyazaki Prefecture has been able to administer the vac to anyone wanting it for 2 weeks now as soon as it was procured for mass innoculation. Gov. Shunji Kono has been on top this here from day 1.

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Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima, announcing that the city intends to set up 24-hour coronavirus vaccination venues.

Well the national gov now has a template to work with. implement these measures world wide.

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Well done guys. Took a while. Now have a look at pharmacists as an option if you really want to speed things up. This stuff, you know logistics, ain't rocket science.

Surely there has been a semi-deliberate ball drop on the vaccination roll out as japan does what it always does, lags behind over cautious. Trying to scan for potential problems that may get them into trouble, then someone has to answer to someone! Nightmare!

The old saying , 'A rolling stone gathers no moss' may be worth putting up on a billboard for Japan 2.0! We shall get there, eventually!

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I don't think 24 hours is a mandatory thing, but definitely have venues for them. And make office give people mandatory time off to actually go out and get these shots during the day. Or let them WFH or leave work on time, to go. Spread it out throughout the week, unlike during GW or OBON where everything must be done in a particular time frame. It's not going to be done in a weeks time.

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A nurse, a doctor and a dentist. Sounds like a good threesome. To get the vaccines rolling.

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Put the vaccination set just into my letter box, that’s the fastest and maybe safest method. Even commuting, too less distances , maskless people and other lethal hospital bacteria avoided and no already otherwise busy medical staff needed.

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