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As seen in young people drinking on the street, people are losing trust in the government and they’re not listening to it. If the situation goes on like this, it will be impossible to stop people from traveling even though a state of emergency is declared.


An official at the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai).

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I rarely see young people doing anything shifty. Old people, on the other hand...But forget the street. My job responded to the state of emergency by sending us all into work the day BEFORE the first golden week holiday. THAT decision wasn't made by a young person. It was made by old geezers whose pals ARE the government.

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Though there's not much trust in gov't officials, the daily #s of covid infections is, IMO, at a crisis level in Japan and temporary draconian measures, such as a complete lockdown for 2 weeks and capacity of the shinkansen and other travel modes at 50% are needed, with significant fines. This "please don't go out and drink" and "please don't travel" don't cut it.

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Who would listen to any of these clowns?

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Never ever believe / trust in what your govt tells you, its the first rule !

Are you all too young or stupid not to know that already ?

Ever met a politician you could trust ?

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At this point, I wouldn't listen either.

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This isnt' about "losing trust in govt." It's what happens when a govt "requests" certain behavior instead of enforcing it.

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There's absolutely no laws against "young people drinking in the street", or the old oyaji doing the same as they fob off the world's problems on the youth.

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Of course no one listens to the government.

That’s not true. I listen to them and do what is possible to do or what additionally makes sense. And hopefully they will also a little bit listen to me one day. lol

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This should read "as seen by salarimen and women getting on crowded trains every morning because the old men in charge are completely incapable of recognizing that a lot of their employees are perfectly able to work from home".

Any excuse for a sly dig at young people, when they reality is that the real problem is the failure of organizations like the Japan Association of Corporate Executives to do their part.

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Would they prefer people to drink indoors at a bar or izakaya?

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The government only has themselves to blame. Doubles standards make poor examples.

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Of course no one listens to the government. But that's the politicians' and government workers' problem. They don't know how to communicate. Too much form and no substance.

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