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As things stand, I can’t say that the plan has gained sufficient support from the residents of Fukushima Prefecture and the wider public.


Fukushima Gov Masao Uchibori, after approving the construction of facilities needed to discharge treated water into the Pacific Ocean. He said fishery operators remain firmly opposed to the plan due to concerns that harmful rumors about the discharged water could negatively affect their business.

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I’ll finish the quote. “But we’re gonna do it anyway.”

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"But you should have seen what was in that brown envelope! Blimey, I'm turning the taps on, paying the concrete-yaks their cut, then I'm off to Tahiti for a couple of months. See ya!"

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"harmful rumors about the discharged water"

You mean science? There are no "rumors" about the discharged water - it's highly-irradiated and a clear hazard, which is why they need to get rid of it. And the most profitable way is to give the concrete lobby a huge no-bid contract, and flush it into fishing territory.

Then a couple of years later when the cancers start showing up, play the victim.

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