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As things stand, Japan is adrift, anchored neither in East nor West and scoring badly on virtually all globalization criteria. Japan has been a mainly mute global player.


Jean-Pierre Lehmann, a professor of international political economy at IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. He says Japan still faces sustained decline and has yet to find its place in the 21st-century economic order. (New York Times)

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Japan is adrift, anchored by east, but continuously trying to be like the west and trying to 'look' different rather than actually being different. Japan is a nation of children where everything has a song and has to be cute. That is why it is a silent player in the field of globalization.

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japan was adrift in the last century as well...at least they're consistent

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i hope they continue to be adrift.

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Japan at drift. But, the upper ten percent always knows where to put its money.

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