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Asia is different from the United States and Europe. We dream of more vertical cities. In fact, the only choice here is to go up and use the sky.


Real estate developer Minoru Mori, whose projects in Japan and abroad have drawn attention and controversy for their great impact and scale on cities. (New York Times)

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It's like the Jetson's

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'Asian' meaning 'Japaneses'? I see...well, Japanese architects can only dream of ugliness, just have a look around, it's everywhere! So, I guess that building towers is just a way to scape from such dullness.

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Tell it to the Moorlocks, baby.

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Compensation may have something to do with it.

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No more Roppongi Hills please.

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Mori seems to forget the fact that some European and American cities have tall buildings, too. In fact, most major cities do. So building up isn't an Asian 'trait.' And I'm pretty sure people don't dream of vertical cities - many probably dream of grandpa's (or great-grandpa... or a mythical) farm and the open spaces it had.

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