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Athletes will be in the athletes' village, and their quarantine can be managed, but it will be difficult to manage and isolate foreign tourists in the same way.


Kaori Yamaguchi, an executive board member of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), saying she thinks organizers should abandon the idea of having spectators attend the Tokyo Olympics from overseas.

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After that also abandon the idea of national spectators attending, and with a little bit of luck maybe abandon also the idea of Athletes attending. Maybe that will take the edge out that make the government keep trying to push the Go to Travel every time the situation improves even a little.

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Agreed they just need to stop pushing this Go to travel already....

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Foreign tourists? It is heartening to know that international travel will be back on track in Japan by this summer. I'm dying to get away to a tropical beach in Thailand.

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No worries, Yamaguchi San, there will be no foreign fans or ticketholders but I do not agree at all that the Olympic Village can be managed as far as the virus is concerned.

and with Kawabuchi in charge , he will run it as a military bootcamp.

very best regards

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There is only one primary idea to abandon...lol

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so only local folks are allowed to attend? - that means 99% of the spectators will be Japanese. That hardly seems fair or in the spirit of the games. If no foreign spectators are allowed, then no spectators should be allowed.

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