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Because of irregular flight duty periods and time-zone differences, it’s difficult to manage pilots’ physical condition. At some airlines, mainly LCCs, the burden on pilots may increase. It’s important to establish standards for pilots’ fatigue as soon as possible, so they don’t work too much.


Sadao Tamura, a former captain with All Nippon Airways and a former member of the Japan Transport Safety Board. The transport ministry is investigating how much flights and other factors affect pilots’ levels of fatigue, in a bid to improve the management of Japanese pilots’ fatigue to match levels in the United States and Europe.

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Oh bull it's difficult. Other countries and airlines do it, and they do it successfully. Even the military does it.

What you mean is that it's difficult to work your pilots to death while still finding some loophole that allows you to look like you're giving them proper rest so that you can avoid having egg on your face when a pilot screws up and in an exhausted state makes a potentially fatal error.

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European countries hves laws restricting working hours and having mandatory rest time for pilots. It's not difficult to work out, Japan.

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...yeah, not sure what is so difficult about th concept of 40 hour work weeks in Japan...

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How much can i get paid to state the obvious like all the J experts.?

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