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Beds are occupied by less urgent cases and there are no penalties for those who over-use the system.


Naohiro Yashiro, a professor of economics and health-care expert at International Christian University in Tokyo. He says that Japanese hospitals experience a "crowding out" effect, with space for emergency care and serious medical conditions sometimes overwhelmed by a flood of patients seeking routine treatment. (Washington Post)

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This is the fault of the hospital's who insist on hospitalizing people with non-life threatening illnesses to get their delicious insurance money.

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Problem identified. Now, solution?

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This is happening around the world, not just japan. I believe what might help this situation is setting up a better communication between the patients. Inform them they are still of importance but there are people who are worse off who need the bed they are in. Then Direct them and a designated driver in the right direction to a place in which the less severe are treated. Making sure the place is aware they are coming and good directions are given. If there is no such place, make one. Be firm but fair, it is the only way.

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