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Being surrounded by angry junior high school students after warning them for hanging around convenience stores late at night, and that sort of thing, has become just a regular day-to-day occurrence.


A police officer in Kasube, Saitama Prefecture. A number of cops say that being harassed and even shoved around by youths, including children, is now a regular feature of the job. (Weekly Playboy)

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What the hell? Shoving a police officer? Why isn't he slapping these kids into cuffs and taking them to jail? Let their parents come down to the station and pick them up, or better yet, put them into the back of a police car, put on the lights, turn on the siren and then drive them home. Let all the neighbors see what young Taro is up to. This is Japan. Shame works.


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Nothing is going right for the cops these days. Personally, I find it hard to take cops seriously who still ride bicycles.

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Even small town cops in the US don't take any s***t from young hoodlums. Evenn the most hard core gang bangers know not to mess with cops in places like LA or NYC or other big cities or they will feel the rath of the police.

If I am not mistaken, aren't the cops armed? Or at least break out the night sticks and have the youngsters move along. This thread kind of goes along with the other a day or two ago about rather to spank or not. If kids don't know what discipline is, then they are more apt to commit this type of behavior. Not saying that you should beat children for any minor infraction, but they must be taught to respect authority.

I am not advocating wide scale police brutality, but if the guys that we have entrusted our security to can't handle a bunch of rowdy teens, then what do we expect these teens to do when they grow up and decide to commit more crimes, since they think that they will be able to bully the cops.

Stand up for yourselfs J-cops. Instead of protecting Olympic Flames and looking at the gaijin military stationed over here, "police" your own back yards and show these punks how to respect authority,

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There does seem to be a bit of an authority vacuum when it comes to dealing with juvies. The cops don't have the historical purview to deal with them, the teachers who had the power have been made toothless and the parents are too busy to actually do any domesticating of their children, so they are left to their own means.

So long as allowances get paid on time and in sufficient amounts life as a teenager is great in Japan.

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groups of young louts hanging around outside stations and conbini are sadly fairly common these days. like all who hide in mobs they are gutless on their own. cops need to do the job I in part pay them to do and not rely on people like me who confront these tits when they are abusive.

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here's a thought: hire real men to be cops, not pussies

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Those Saitama cops should get trained with the Fourth Investigation Unit of the Osaka Police Department (aka- the Anti-organized crime unit).

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Wow, are the cops so lame here that they actually complain to someone about young children shoving them around?

Personally, if I were a police officer, I would be way too ashamed to admit that had ever happened to me. Are they not allowed to do anything?

I mean, if they were actually physically pushed around, doesn't that count as assault? I'm not trying to tell them how to do their job, but there needs to be a certain amount of respect if they are to properly do their job. I know that if you were to flip the bird on a cop in NA, you'd find yourself in the back seat of a cruiser unless they were on their way to something more important. I can't say if it that's the right thing to do or not, but I'm pretty sure that allowing yourself to be pushed around by 'kids' is better.

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Oops...I meant to say that "...be pushed around by "kids" is #not# better." in the last sentence.

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