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By 9:30 p.m. (last Friday), all Americans had disappeared. Sales proceeds have dropped to one-tenth.


Tsutomu Arakaki, owner of Amazonesu, one of the oldest bars near U.S. air base at Kadena on Okinawa, referring to the curfew on U.S. military personnel following the alleged assault and rape of an Okinawan woman by two U.S. sailors. (Stars & Stripes)

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Can Arakaki sue the sailors who caused all this trouble?

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Where are all those posters saying that business won't be hurt with closed bases??

Hahaha. Good one. Show yourselves and prove me that I was wrong. hehehehehe. kidding I am 100% sure that the banana show lady in gate 2 of kadena is going bananas. Hahahaha

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Where are all those posters saying that business won't be hurt with closed bases??

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If you consider the actual numbers of troops that are based here and pass through every year, the crime rate is not out of whack with any populace, particularly when you consider the average age. That said, a heinous assault like this really stays in everyones consciousness (as it should) but most of the troops ARE well-behaved (as they should be). Otherwise, wed have multiple arrests for violent crimes every single day in Okinawa and other base areas considering there are 40,000 or whatever number of troops deployed here. As always, it is shame that the majority have to suffer because the actions of a few scumbags. Many of these military personel have a hell of lot more responsibility in their jobs and conduct them with professionalism day in and day out, often under extreme conditions. I`m sure it irks them to be treated like this (with a curfew). But they understand that the commanders have to take demonstrable steps for PR purposes.

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it's a strange situation - some people want them gone ("NO SUNABE AIRBASE" signs come to mind), plenty are indifferent, and some who profit from them (landlords especially, but other businesses too) want them to stay. Am sure Okinawans aren't gonna pay $3,000 a month for properties in Sunabe.

Although given the value of the dollar at the moment, that isn't much!

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The bar owners let their customers run wild and now they pay the price.

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It's kinda like a catch 22 - having them roam around and hurt women (which is a sad thing to say because not all servicemen are bad...there are more good soldiers than bad!) OR restrict their time off base to stop crime but business drops.

It's a sad situation. All military personnel have to pay because of the stupid onesy/twosies that commit crimes :(

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Well if it is bad for the protitution business of japanese pimps, then the rest of Japan will have to live afew rapes here and there, right?

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