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By having a diverse workforce, we can foster a corporate culture that generates innovation.


Jorge Garduno, president of Coca-Cola Japan Co, announcing that under its revised employment regulations, employees in same-sex relationships can register their partner as a spouse. Such employees will have access to congratulatory leave, nursing care leave and other benefits.

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That's assuming gay people think differently though, which seems a bit homophobic to me. Poorly phrased really, would be better to say something like 'not put off potential talent'

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If you have to stress something so basic, then I guess not everything is all right.

That pretty much implies that there was no such thing before this statement.

If everything was allright, they would just give it to anyone who applies and not ask or make deductions about their sexual orientation.

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Diversity comes from the word divided, which never makes any organization work better. From riding a motorcycle to rowing a boat, diversity will set you on the wrong course of throw you to the ground rounding a curve.

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Good. In my company, diversity in management means 99% fifty year old Japanese men and 1% token gaijin.

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No, it doesn't. Not in my playbook at least.

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100%, how would a bunch of different cultural perspectives sitting around a table with coffee not be a good thing? If they are communication savvy and have the right local support it’s gotta be gold. Not forced diversity, open diversity.

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The main quote is meaningless corporate speak. Although having staff from a wide range of backgrounds is beneficial when developing commercial strategies, there is no particular connection between innovation and diversity. Corporate types come up with this guff all the time. They are no better than politicians.

Social justice is not about enforcing diversity with token appointments. It is about not excluding people because of their colour, gender or any other aspect of their person or lifestyle. And positive discrimination is still discrimination.

HR should employ on ability and suitability, and leave their prejudices on the rest at home.

Allowing partners to be treated as partners, regardless of gender, is a good thing. It shouldn't have taken so long.

The push for diversity remains hypocritical. Many companies are now happy to sack right wingers for their views ('thoughtcrime'?), which rather misses the point. And the 'push for digital' is happily excluding large numbers of elderly, poor, IT-challenged and disabled people from services that they need access to. Including Covid vaccinations, with some nations running with online booking.

We should be ending prejudice and exclusion, not updating it.

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