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By refurbishing the interiors of our vehicles, they’ll be transformed into mobile vaccination units that can be used in depopulated areas and other places where the majority of the population is elderly.


A senior employee of Tokyo bus company IBS Inc. The tourism industry is planning to provide buses and facilities as COVID-19 vaccination sites and to operate call centers to handle reservations, to help speed up the rollout of inoculations.

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Good idea but why are private businesses having to offer, donate and volunteer for these kinds of things? Isn't this really what our government should be doing (have been doing) with our tax money?

Finding and executing a smooth road to vaccinating our people - that's what I expect the people I pay (the govt.) to do.

They've had since last summer to figure these things out. What the hell are they doing?

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Good ideas like this are surprisingly common, the real difficulty is to make the government adopt them instead of dragging their feet for no real reason.

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why are private businesses having to offer, donate and volunteer for these kinds of things?

The article doesn't state that this is a charity project! It says local governments would be paying these companies - whose normal tourism services are dead - to supply shuttle services in converted vehicles. For example, a Hokkaido govt - not a company - is providing a free shuttle service using large taxies via a contract with the private sector.

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Even when the pandemic is over, I hope and guess that "mobile clinics" will stay in service (and perhaps, no driver is needed if the automation tech is introduced)

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Yes, and the necessary staff are those many available relaxing and workless nurses, who can’t wait to stream into the olympic venues and such rural bus vaccination campaigns, I guess. Or do the village seniors ram their jabs themselves into the arm muscles?

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