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Campsites have become very popular. Caravan rentals and outdoor gear sales have been doing very well because people are going outdoors a lot more. But traditional onsens are suffering as the elderly are quite scared of COVID and do not go out much.


Lee Xian Jie, chief developer at tour company Craft Tabby. During the pandemic, Japanese travelers have steered away from visiting big cities and are opting for outdoor experiences, say tour operators.


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there are many options on market.

since we cant travel freely abroad than we have no other choices just to go for trips in Japan only.

booking dot com airbnb etc etc you name it.camping areas are good choices as well.it makes sense to relax in nature and get body and mind recovered in most natural way.no doubt about that.take time off book pay and go.we are going every season 4 times a year to diferrent place we have never visited before and yes Japan have many nice places worth to visit.

yes onsens may suffer thanks to covid media brain massage 24/7 so many people are simply afraid to die to be short.and yes elder people are more vulnerable so sure they are more afraid.since silver generation was large part of onsen tourists-here we are.

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Good luck with that campsite deal. You're going to be stuck in a 3x3 meter space surrounded by screaming kids and pets. And that's if you go to a good site.

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went camping once in Japan and loved it, but covid pretty much made us hermits and it is really hard to get out of this lifestyle.

I suspect Onsen will continue to suffer as a result of covid. As will ramen shops and izakaya.

Another worrying trend is the number Dojo closing due to many martial arts masters ( a number of which I know personally) who have decided to retire from teaching and do something else. Those are mainly 古流 or old school systems rather than the modern systems of Karate Judo or Kendo which seem to be coming back .

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The camping boom has been unreal. 5 or 10 years ago I used to be able to decide Thursday night I wanted to go camping that weekend, and turn up Friday with no problem getting a site. These days getting a site can be like winning a lottery. Great to see so many people out enjoying it, there are plenty of 'all the gear but no idea' types but they are harmless. Most people are pretty respectful too and stay quiet once it gets late. Don't have to worry about drunk psychos like in my home country either.

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