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Children fear that in a society with a widening gap between the rich and the poor, making a big mistake will prevent them from moving up in the world, which diminishes their ambition and motivation.


Kiyoshi Takeuchi, an educational sociology professor at Sophia University, commenting on a survey that shows more Japanese children lack motivation. (Mainichi Daily News)

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"Wahhh! Wahhhh! I want it easy... like, like my grandparents after WWII."

What a load of crap. Images and idiots on TV are what these overprotected wimps see as success. Monster parents who don't allow their child to taste defeat or real success early on are creating children incapable of thinking and acting for themselves.

I just had some kids mother write yet another note to the school. This is the third in, you guessed it, 3 years. Each year it's the same old BS: "My son finds English difficult. He has problems speaking in front of others. He gets easily intimidated." And on & on it goes. When this kid was in first grade he still couldn't use chopsticks, let alone a spoon and fork. Why? You guessed it, right? Mommy was still feeding him.

Anyway, rant over. Off to Kamakura for the day.

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What utter rubbish from yet another mediocre "professor" at yet another mediocre Japanese university (actually the equivalent of a good US high school). I'm sick and tired of the constant crap about the great divide between rich and poor in Japan. Assuming the survey he refers to is true (which in itself requires a leap of faith), Japanese kids lack motivation for the exact same reasons their parents lacked it: fear of taking responsibility for their actions and decisions.

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