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Children need parental consent in many situations, such as when renting an apartment or getting a mobile phone. We need to quickly form a framework to help children be more independent.


Atsushi Takahashi, secretary general of Kodomo Center Tempo, an NPO shelter for children in Yokohama. He believes children who want to live on their own need more support, especially if their parents have a history of abuse. (Daily Yomiuri).

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I disagree. Maybe some mature balanced children are able to live on their own and in such case, parents are still there to sign the paperwork and check what they do (that they study or do decent job, and don't work in mizushobai or worse). Victims of abused have to heal. They need to live with adults they can trust, in a foster family or a in small size structures, they need professional psychological support. With the current frequency of suicide, that would be criminal to abandon them and let them "solve" their problems on their own.

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Depends on what you qualify as a 'child'. 18, sorry you're not a child anymore. The legal age here is 20 - that's pretty high, and you are still considered a child until then. At age 20 - geeze I was living on my own for 3 or 4 years already. Not for everyone, but still. In abuse situations, shouldn't 'children' be under supervised care and not shoved out 'on their own'?

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