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Children should be informed at schools of the possible danger of becoming a victim of a sexual offense if they become involved in such services.


Mieko Miyata, director of the Japan Research Institute of Safer Child Education, referring to businesses that employ girls of high school age to provide massage and other services to male customers. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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They should also tell them that they could be arrested and charged more quickly than the client would be.

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They should also tell them they could be the victim of a sexual offense if they ride the train.

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How blindingly obvious. Surely most girls who do this are aware already?

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"Possible danger"? Ridiculous.

There is without a doubt a certain danger that girls providing any of these sexually-suggestive services catering to a male-only crowd will regularly become victims of a sexual offense. It's better that Ms. Miyata be more straightforward here and not downplay the risks.

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Really? They need to be told that? Perhaps the schools system need to work on critical thinking - or better yet, the parents could work on it.

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I've been mulling this over the whole day. I don't think it is appropriate for this sort of warning to be made. Now bear with me here for a second. These girls deserve a safe working environment regardless of whatever profession they choose. If they want to be a masseuse then the company that employs them has a duty to provide security.

That's why I think this sort of warning isn't appropriate, because it implies that the employer isn't obligated to provide a safe working environment, one where these girls can simply say, "security" in a soft voice, and have a 300 pound sumo wrestler kick down the door and drag the offending individual to the nearest police box.

If the business cannot provide a safe working environment, or sends employees into an obviously unsafe working environment, then that business should be charged with reckless endangerment. Ms. Miyata is giving the employer a free pass. That is unacceptable in my eyes. Women and girls should be free to safely pursue whatever career they like. Its not like these businesses aren't making a fortune for these massages, surely they can afford some private security? Or perhaps they know their customers wouldn't like that... in which case the business owners are accessories to the crime.

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