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China loves lecturing the world about what is right and wrong in geopolitical affairs. One week it is preaching to the Philippines, the next day it advises Japan and on the third day it is lecturing all of the above. Last week, China's lecture was directed to Japan. Beijing was telling Tokyo that it shouldn't be a promoter of NATO's Asia-Pacific expansion.


International Business Times columnist Panos Mourdoukoutas Ph.D.

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This is me, agreeing completely with the sentiment of what the gentleman said.

This is me, also agreeing totally that the sentiment applies equally to each of the Group of Seven.

And each and every country with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worth $1000 billion USD (for the record, there are 17 right now, including the Euro Area; yes, that also includes Russia).

p.s. want to read his full column? https://www.ibtimes.com/china-tells-japan-not-promote-natos-asia-pacific-expansion-3498971

China Tells Japan Not To Promote NATO's Asia-Pacific Expansion, IBT Times, 8 May 2022.

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The word China should be replaced by The US! Despite having a million problems back in their own country, a country which is truly divided and on the brick of a civil war, the US has the nerve to dictate other countries what to do! Fix your own country and the internal mess rather than trying to tell others what to do!

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The author doesn't seem to realize that Japan wants to be on the winning side, should the excrement collide with the rotary cooling device. Ukraine has shown us how pathetic Eastern Bloc weapons, battlefield doctrine and conscript soldiers are.

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MikeH has a point!

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As MikeH points out, the U.S. is becoming seriously unstable in an ever widening division between one end of the American IQ distribution and the other. And NATO itself seems like a Western version of the USSR with America pulling the strings rather than Russia. China, from all that escapes Western media suppression, seems as solid as a rock politically so may have a justification in "lecturing" others and, as in any good lecture, there may be recommended background study materials such as the below at Salon.com:


"35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists"

As the situation in Ukraine continues to fester, a handy history guide -- from A (Argentina) to Z (Zaire)

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The first long sentence would be more appropriate if the country China is replaced by US.

Otherwise, it seems intentionally slanted to be anti-Chinese..

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The quote only mentions 2 countries China lectured to.

He should write about the country that does not just lecture but actually meddles in world/other countries' affairs

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Agreed, that’s not of their concern and no reason to give lectures, because any of other free and sovereign countries can very well decide itself freely what to promote or which defense alliance wishing for to become a member of. Only one thing, of course the name should be changed then, because it is explicitly called a North Atlantic treaty organization.

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What in the world is he talking about? China is relatively hands off about global geopolitical affairs, unless they apply to themselves, and they almost never get directly involved.

This seems a much more apt description of the United States, maybe Dr. Mourdoukoutas is confused?

I would take some "lectures" over drone strikes any day of the week. Not to mention, like Ian said, he listed a grand total of...two countries.

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That's right, it is Murica's right and duty to be the sole arbiter of everything. Get with the program Ya'll, wooo hoooo.

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HHmmmm not really its more of the USA preaching to everyone about everything...

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Go to China, become a citizen, and sing the praises of the CCP dictatorship.

Nobody said the USA is perfect, but I’d take them over China 100 times over.

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China isn't the only country that is against a uni-polar world led by NATO however. The UN vote to expel Russia from the UNHRC was only supported by six countries in Asia. A uni-polar world will lead to dangerous concentration of power and people view Russia as a balancing out from the US.

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To be sure the US is Belligerent, BUT China is far more so and doesn't even pretend to accept human rights. while the US leaves much to be desired, no one should be happy with a US demise and a China rise. This would spell disaster for the whole world, and human and civil rights will be knocked back into the 16th century. China's power and influence must be contained

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