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Chinese people are useless at private commercial companies because their performance is poor. We wouldn't invite applicants for job interviews in the first place if it turned out they were Chinese. We'd reject them at the stage of document screening.


Shohei Ohsawa, project associate professor at the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo, writing on his Twitter account on Nov 20. He has come under fire for the tweets that critics point out constitute discrimination against Chinese nationals.

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He's not afraid of being ridicule.

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I wonder why they quote this guy as though he is important. A young guy couple years out of college, barely any business experience, and his start-up company (located in a small apartment in a dumpy residential area) has no employees as far as I can see. Perhaps he did this just for the attention.

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That is the most idiotic statement I've read the whole week. Talk about generalising your stupidity of an entire country with a population 20 times that if Japan.

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Well, if you're going to be racist/bigoted... you might as well be up front about it.

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From what I experienced, Chinese people are hard working, wonderful at math, tend to do a great job at what ever they do in most cases, and are very intelligent. So, I am not sure what world Shohei Ohsawa san is living in. Not one of reality.

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Agree with Michael Machida. My experience with the few Chinese students I've had has been positive. In class they did not chat, sleep or text, unlike a lot of Japanese students.

Yes, that guy is a bigot. He is far from alone.

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Apparently his remarks were in regard to hiring at his own company, not in relation to the University of Tokyo. The institution has released a statement about this:

November 28, 2019


Establishment of the Investigative Committee about Inappropriate Writings, etc. by a Project Faculty of III/GSII

invalid CSRF

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This is exactly why China is the number two economy in the world and Japan is third.

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The guy is an idiot and should be canned.

See, unlike the usual crowd on here, I am fair and balanced when it comes to all things Japan. If I see something wrong, I'll call it out.

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Some people are so stupid they actually broadcast their stupidity.

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He's a moron, came back saying "But we hire by algorithm!" He's supposed to be an 'AI expert' but he should know they can easily be flawed.

During my time in Japan, every Chinese person I've met has been very active and motivated to engage with tasks. In the eikaiwas where I've taught I've often been very relieved to have them in a class because they'll just get on with it while Japanese people generally tend to sit around and basically refuse to speak. In the university where I teach content courses, not 101 English, Chinese students are generally end up in more advanced classes and are proficient in English and Japanese as well as Mandarin and usually one other 'dialect' making them fluent in four languages (Chinese 'dialects' can vary massively to the point where they're mutually incomprehensible and it's really a nationalist definition for 'language family' members like Spanish and Italian). The Chinese students are also generally amongst those who actually participate in classes and find a lot of tasks easy when Japanese people struggle.

Whether we like it or not, China is undoubtedly going to overtake Japan and aside from economic size you can see it happening with Japanese firms like Sharp being bought out by Chinese ones. The only way for Japan to compete is to be more liberal with immigration and integrate newcomers into society to bring in new ideas and workers. By the looks of it from the guy quoted though, there's fat chance of that happening unfortunately and Japan looks on course to sink itself. There isn't really any opposition to what he's said and the University of Tokyo hasn't denounced it, but sponsors are pulling their plugs already. People will just go elsewhere if this kind of blatant discrimination isn't dealt with

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jeancolmarToday 09:19 am JSTAgree with Michael Machida. My experience with the few Chinese students I've had has been positive. In class they did not chat, sleep or text, unlike a lot of Japanese students.

Yes, that guy is a bigot. He is far from alone.

In college the Chinese students were some of the hardest working. Anyway, you can't categorize or discriminate against a nation like that. That's pure bigotry and it's stupid.

Now we know what a cretin this bigot really is, in living color because he opened up his ignorant yap.

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This guy is associate with the University of Tokyo. As a UT grad, I can tell you that this is not a typical attitude, and that there are many Chinese students there. This guy is obviously too stupid to be associated with UT. Get rid of him!

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Proof that racist idiots can be found at any workplace.

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There are many people who feel and act just like him. His loss, but even so, the Chinese don't need him and they probably would hate working there anyway.

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He probably experienced working with a couple of lazy chinese then judged the whole people based on this. Such narrow mindedness shown by a supposedly "highly" educated person.

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If "Chinese people are useless at private commercial companies because their performance is poor", why do we have Chinese companies like Huawei running past the US and Japan in high tech like 5G? The Chinese people are very useful and their performance is great. Lots of other Chinese companies are like that. Why do you think Trump banned Huawei from doing business in the US? Because Huawei was about to run over most US electronics firms who are a decade behind.

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Dinto a business deal with a firm in China, the poor girl made a small error and all hell broke loose in our office with the older buchyou class and above. Instantly, it was because ALL Chinese were stupid.

Bring a foreigner, this was great for my moral.

Long story short... we need the older ones quite and gone so the younger can adapt or die.

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That is just dumb. In shenzhen, my impression of the chinese youth was that they were solidly mature and entrepeneurial..

The guy is just a japanese nationalist trying to ignore the fact the chinese entrepeneurs backed by softbank like Jack ma of Alibaba and Dji Drones Frank Wang are wildly more successful than him.

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Well, at the very least, he's honest. His experience does not match mine (and I see many others'), but that's a dispute of fact. Maybe that's really how his experience with Chinese went, sufficiently that he is willing to pass up the chance of some golden apples in the box to save himself some time.

There will only be two types of Chinese people, in any case. Those that prove him right and those that prove him wrong. The former will likely be able to find alternative employment and the latter ... well, there's only so much one can say if the shoe fits.

It's at least more honest than "playing by the rules", inviting them in for interviews and then just not hiring them.

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