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Companies are actively hiring those who are experienced, can immediately contribute to their businesses or have expertise in a particular field, such as digital skills. Not all job seekers are able to find work they want to do.


Tomo Hayakawa, a senior researcher at Mynavi Corp. The number of job seekers remains high despite a rebound in job openings apparently because much of the available work is limited to certain fields, according to the labor ministry.

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The number of job seekers remain high because most of the positions posted are gig, temp and contract and do not provide living wages due to corporations like Mynavi Corp.

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Age is another factor: Try to get a 'real' job when you are over 60.

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I am employed (thank god) and open to move companies, but am only being contacted for positions paying less than what I am doing now.

Results: I do not move and the company do not seem to hire anybody (this is confirmed as over several months I am more than often contacted for the same positions by different recruiters).

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"You're a certified and experienced IT expert? Great: we offer you 180,000 a month, 12 hour work days and no personal holidays. Welcome aboard!"

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I'd love to know where Mr. Hayakawa gets his information. I know people who've come to Japan with 15-20+ years of music and entertainment experience, interview with big corporations in Tokyo who do quite a lot of business overseas (and thus have "international" divisions set up in the company using English), and then will sit back and tell these people that they have giant holes in specific divisions/departments that require a specific skill set of connections in the music/entertainment industry that nobody in the company has - and then they will say "it's a shame your Japanese level isn't higher." Even when they will be using English in the job role and possess what they need to help fill said hole. They always get the "it's impossible / it's just not possible."

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