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Construction costs are considerably higher for properties that will be put on the market this year. It’s quite possible that prices will surge even higher.


Tadashi Matsuda from the Real Estate Economic Institute. Prices for new condos in the Tokyo area hit a record high for the 2nd straight year in 2022. They are being bought by wealthy couples, as well as older people moving into more convenient downtown locations after their children have grown up and left home.

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New constructions in Tokyo is vastly underpriced, considering the fact that there’s always a lottery required to have a chance to buy them and the fact that if you are lucky enough to buy 1, you can instantly sell it on market at a 30%+ higher price.

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Yep, whatever may be happening in many parts of the country, free houses in inaka etc., real estate in Tokyo and other niche markets has been going up for a long time and is likely to continue going up. Not least because build costs are going up.

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Despite the fact that they are employing "trainees" from Philippines or Vietnam?

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even in middle of nowhere towns like I’m in, they make a new 20+ stories apartment building that’s like 200,000 a month completely not doable for the people who live here. But it’s definitely marketed to the business people who would be willing to commute an hour and a half to live there

Japan loves their luxury homes

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Don't think so, this is all driven by the weak yen and once it's back to it's normal level prices will start dropping simply because people are much smarter and they know the right price for it's time.

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Building yet more houses yet apparently there are a vast number of empty older properties which would be vastly more environmentally friendly to refurbish?

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