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Cults take measures to deal with parents' disapproval. This aggravates relationships between parents and children, and drives the latter even deeper into cult activities.


Toshiyuki Tachikake, an Osaka University professor specializing in cult countermeasures since 2009. He says cults continue to deploy multiple schemes to recruit young people on Japan's university campuses, heightening parents' fears.

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Cults take measures to deal with parents' disapproval. 

For all intends and purposes do cults through ever increasing and well-thought and timed mind control techniques push their members to cut all relations / ties with family, kin, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc in order to prevent these people (who actually do care about the person currently in the process of being sucked into the cult) help the "new recruit" realize what is going on and bail out before it's too late...

Put simply: to the cult are family, kin, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc all "enemies" and that view of things needs to be inoculated into the "target".

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Cults take measures to deal with parents' disapproval. 

Isn't this what radical progressive left wing activists are doing? Undermining parental authority and rights.

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moonies have be outlawed.

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"Cults", that is, religions, nationalisms, 'movements', et alia, all have a common structure that is many thousands of years old, is invariably hierarchical in structure, is organized and maintained by innately 'gifted' manipulative psychopaths, and serves mainly to support in a parasitic manner the 'leadership' of the group and the use of the group to further enhance the power of the 'leadership' (see: Rulers). When in a 'cult', that is, trapped in a mental structure designed to turn 'doubt' back upon the doubter or cause 'rejection' by one's fellows, 'arguments' against the validity of the 'cult' beliefs are easily defeated and only irrefutable contradictory experience or long and deeply detailed study of the 'world' around us can, sometimes, open a mind to the possibility that its own 'beliefs' may not reflect 'reality'. When one inculcates young children into a 'cult', such as religions which run 'schools' are able to do, the lies of the cult are built into the basic 'worldview' of that child/adult and, here only for example, accounts for the ability of the Roman Catholic 'Church' (the last dying embers of the Roman Theocratic Empire) to still be extant after millennia. For all that we like to see 'Humanity' as 'the highest form of Life', we are at heart and mind collectively simple beasts and, whatever 'group' claims our beliefs, all others appear as 'cults', systems of false beliefs which cannot be 'true' because 'I' don't believe them, only 'mine' is 'really true'. What to believe? That is the question Mankind is, collectively, no longer smart enough to answer. Perhaps our new friend, AI, will help us out with that...

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