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Dining without masks poses a high risk of infection. Since many people feel uneasy, it may not be realistic to eliminate silent meals all at once.


Hiroyuki Moriuchi, a professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Nagasaki University Hospital. Some Japanese municipalities are considering reviewing bans on talking during school lunchtimes, first imposed on elementary and junior high schools about two years ago to prevent coronavirus transmissions.

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Dining without masks poses a high risk of infection

Ah yes, because dining with masks is much safer... you know, through a straw.

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And the fear goes on. I'ts over now. The news is now all about Ukraine and rising food prices etc. Covid has sort of disappeared.

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'Feeling uneasy' is not going to harm anyone. The lack of normal interaction is having a detrimental effect on child development. Omicron is endemic and, with widespread vaccinations, no more of a problem than flu. Do Western crowds now behaving normally ever appear on Japanese TV? Same virus, same species.

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People still worried can't have much going on in their lives

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And as soon as he finished making the comment he likely went out with some friends to an izakaya and most certainly did NOT engage in silent eating at all. If kids have to be silent while eating together, no one should be allowed to talk at bars or restaurants with masks off while eating/drinking.

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what a "science" ...LOL

7 ( +9 / -2 )

I despair for the future when paranoid fools like this guy have influence over our children. Parents need to grow a backbone and force schools to drop these ridiculous rules, otherwise they risk a some serious same age to their kids' mental health and ability to stand up to tyranny down the track.

But then, the whole idea behind these mask rules worldwide has been subjugation.

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Nothing to do with science, everything to do to continue clown world.

5 ( +8 / -3 )

few "facts" i have learned from this media outlet.

covid comes at 8pm so restaurant have to be closed.

covid became agressive when you drink alcohol,so no alcohol served,BYO not possible as well.

when you attending sorts event at stadium you should keep quiet and should not shout because of...covid...

when you are out of house wear face mask,anytime,anywhere.if you go to nature for hiking,fishing,swimming,camping-no difference.

when you get vaccine no 1,2,3 possible 4 you will be immune enough to not get infected.vaccine equals freedom.than you can travel abroad but still need do tests and show some covid passes etc.

this is just another part of that "science" and just wondering who can believe that old fellas crap talk...

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The emotional and mental damage from these masks and the lack of human touch and connection is going to affect these kids far more worse than these jokers can imagine. One of those things written off as ‘Shikata nai’ but the implications of the DETACHED generation are going to be far reaching and immense. The quicker we work on reconnecting the better. The cruel paradox is that this ‘safety first at ALL costs’ mindset is the actual real danger. Psychological factors must be taken into consideration. Childhood develop is sort of important.

Time to grow some and move on.

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This is ridiculous!

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That people "feel uneasy" says more about their mental health than anything else...

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Geezus where do they come up with this bunk!!??

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as soon as the war began everyone immediately forgot about masks. People were together in crowded shelters and guess what, our covid statistics was ridiculously low. I feel like covid is no longer that dangerous. Of course, if one doesnt have any serious health conditions.

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The silent meals. Not bad. Kinda gotta ring to it Moriuchi!

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The only pandemic uneasiness kids have is what we adults impose on them. The kids are O.K.

Go to a restaurant these days. Do you see adults imposing talking bans on themselves while eating? No. And that’s despite adults being at a much, much, much higher risk for serious COVID and for transmitting COVID.

Stop projecting fears onto the kids and let them be alive!

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Most countries have done away with masks except in hospitals and medical clinics. This has not resulted in a surge in Covid cases. Japan has a relatively high vaccination rate and should dump the mask rules altogether. Covid will be with us for many years and it is inevitable that most people will catch it at one point. Many countries have also dumped the reporting of daily case numbers.

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Dining without masks

as opposed to...???

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