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Donald Trump often complains about fake news in the U.S. media. The fake news here unfortunately are the tweets by the president that he ended the nuclear threat from North Korea. The 'real news' is that Pyongyang is playing from the same playbook it has used since negotiations I participated in during the six-party talks more than 10 years ago. Despite summit meetings and signed documents at Singapore, North Korea has no intention to give up entirely its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile arsenals.


Victor Cha, a professor of government at Georgetown University since 1995 and senior adviser and Korea chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC since 2009. He served from 2004 to 2007 on the White House National Security Council as director for Japan and Korea.

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If this guy is not in some advisory role related to North Korea talks one seriously needs to ask; Why the heck not?!

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Trump is a fool. Perhaps if people stopped reporting his tweets and ridiculous remarks he'd shut up.

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The main source of disinformation and misinformation is Donald J. Trump. He continues to be the main threat to U.S. national security and the wellbeing of the world.

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If the MSM was honest and unbiased, Trump would not need to Tweet,

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Trump the author of his own fake news then blames others.

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that Singapore trip was a huge waste of money then, but probably not so much for Trump as he got free publicity for his propaganda tweets

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Doesn't stream-of-gibberish-free-associating and pulling your "facts" out of your associator count as "fake news"? If his mouth is moving and there isn't a cheeseburger in it, he's lying.

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When Trump refers to 'fake news' he is without exception talking about accurate reporting of him. He makes it too easy.

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"Other people in paying no attention to shouty man" shocker.

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DPRK 1 USA Japan 0 - good!

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So this guy is basically admitting that everything before Trump was a total failure.

And he was part of it! So why listen to him?

It’s early days yet. The world co-operation with sanctions against North Korea on his level has never been done.

Victor, you failed. We all know that.

Trump is trying where you and Obama and Bush and Clinton failed. He’s trying to fix what you guys couldn’t.

It’s early days yet. They’ve had a summit, there’ll be another one.

Never before have so many Americans been hoping that their leader fails.

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He's born in a wrong world of fake news. He belongs to that Paleolithic Stone Age.

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I would say that everyone has an agenda now and is full of biased news and half truths that fits their agenda, their dialogue and their goal.

Trump is not even news, he is simply saying his opinion which is often ludicrous in my opinion. He often goes with a 1+1 has to be 2 approach to life which is downright scary sometimes. Only good thing with Trump I feel I can read him better than a politician who has 100,000 leeches holding him up under the podium. You don’t have to be an expert on politics or history to see where Trump is coming from and the demograph that he is preaching to.

An angry ex talk show host and billionaire mogul with an mountain of an ego that is hellbent on bringing Merica back!


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