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Drinking parties, group trips by the elderly and wild partying by youths should be avoided, but families spending time among themselves at travel destinations have a low risk of getting infected or infecting others.


Economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura who is in charge of the Japanese government's response to the pandemic, saying there is no need for people to refrain from going on family trips if they thoroughly take infection prevention steps, such as wearing masks, when visiting tourist spots.

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Simply put, there is no such thing as safe travel during this pandemic. You're putting your life and other people's lives at risk, no matter what precautions you take.

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Just a devious way of endorsing that the whole family should use the government program, GoTo travel, but the rest of you who don't better stay home.

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Still laugh whenever I hear “GoTo Travel”. English education clearly hasn’t worked here... just ban elderly tour groups. As if the customers are going to care, as long as they can get a good deal and some fresh fish out of it they’ll go.

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One student in Ishikawa went to Tokyo for one day, came back to Ishikawa and infected, so far, three more people.

Plus, the economy recovery minister Nishimura is a infectious disease expert, too?

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My wife and son

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Went to Nagano for a few days. Elderly man on bullet train removed his mask to cough furiously. They’ve returned. He has fever, lethargy and stomach aches. He’s now isolating. Definitely not safe out there.

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GoToTrouble, not Travel. Only with JTB/JNTO and related companies.

Just like the Abenomask production, and Dentsu arrangement fee for the virus relief package; money for old friends.

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I agree with you.

The majority of the maskless are the older Japanese men who think they are immortal and above social rules because they held a high 'seniority-based' position back in the good old days.

Funnily enough they are the same people who you can always find at the bento or deli section of any supermarket in Japan because they can't either cook for themselves or their wives won't do it anymore now that they have become retired.

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Its hard for people to take the proper precautions against the virus when the Leaders are themselves behaving irresponsibly.

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