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Due to the effects from the inauguration of [U.S.] President Trump and the series of terrorist incidents, the tendency to shun European countries and the United States is only growing stronger.


A spokesperson for Ryugaku Journal, an information magazine about studying abroad. The top six spots in the popularity rankings for study-abroad destinations among people who departed in summer last year were all held by cities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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Yes. Simply in terms of stability... in terms of policy... there are better places to be these days. There is also some confusion as to whether the terror, fear, and Trump are symptoms or the disease.

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The effect of a ceremony ( Inauguration ) has no bearing on policy nor idolilogy . If this Quote is trying to say the election of Trump and recent terror attack, and people having more tendency to protective themselves by avoiding international populated areas, are all linked. Could be. It could be due to recent intel leaked that ISIS brought have plans forward. It could be from 9/11 no populated area are safe and that links Bush. There have been a upward tendency since 9/11. To link Trump you would have average the prorada of Trump Term (120 days) number of attacks, attempt attacks, victoms, casualties and measure of the international community negative and positives attitudes. It is a nonsense Quote that can only be answer after the full term of Trump. Just to many variables at play to agree.

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This is seen as a big opportunity for countries like Canada and New Zealand to reap a Trump/Brexit dividend in their tourist and educational sectors as they come to be seen as the "nice" English speaking countries.

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Collective reaction from the United States of America: yawn.

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Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have been my top 3 favorite countries for YEARS.

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