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During my meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, I couldn't help but notice how the Japanese express their respect and courteousness, even online.


Philippine National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, referring to Kishi's desk which was adorned with bananas and dried mangoes, both Philippine specialties, as well as a miniature model of a local Jeepney bus, during their online meeting this week.

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Sucking up to the other participant in politics is a no-brainer.

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What a weird quote. And the explanation makes it even weirder. How can a desk express respect and courteousness?

I can hear tomorrow's quote of the day: "how have people reacted to your desk during online meetings since the pandemic started?"

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It’s called “*pandering**”. Some would say “stereotypically insulting”*.

“Philippine Nat’l Def Sec Delfin Lorenzana, ref to Nobuo Kishi's desk, adorned with bananas and dried mangoes, both Philippine specialties, a miniature model of Jeepney bus, during their online meeting..

How about some “fish & chps”, a “Big Ben” replica: or, a “hamburger & fries” and a “Lady Liberty” replica, etc when zooming with all other heads of state?

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Wait! Perhaps he learned that from JTV. Don’t Beat Takeshi and Tokoro George do that with their “foreign correspondents” on TV every Monday night?

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It is clear that the details were used to give a positive impression (politics, manners, whatever). But that does not mean it is something usual or that would be expected from the people in that kind of meeting, maybe in a meeting between Tourism related officials from Malaysia and Vietnam, but with the Japanese Defense Minister? that would be worth paying attention.

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Another one falling for the Disney version of Japan.

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It's called tatemae.

Either Lorenzana is also practising tatemae here, or he is easily swayed.

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He doesn't realise that every word that they utter is written and checked by 15-20 officials, scripted to the second and that a team of underlings arrange the rooms for hours in advance. The ministers turn up minutes before the broadcast, are rushed into the room, read their script and rush out, hardly aware of who was at the end of the line. SOP for nearly all official broadcasts.

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Him, being always in the presence of Duterte's meetings could so used to vulgarity and foul mouths!

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Hmmm. He really likes flags, too.


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Nihon sugoooi!!!

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