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Each village, town and city needs to work out how to revive their community.


Shigeru Ishiba, the minister responsible for regional revival. (Bloomberg)

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Shigeru Ishiba, the man responsible for regional revival says "Ya'll figure it out on your own. Buck PASSED!"

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Start first by telling Abe to keep that 200 million home.

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Given how young people are leaving towns and villages en masse, I think Ishiba should have recommended investment in defibrillators or Viagra to revive some of these the communities.

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But what's the point , when the government is doing nothing about the declining birth rates!!

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Hang on a minute, Ryu matsumoto, Noda's Minister for Reconstruction, was forced to resign in 2011 for saying pretty much exactly this.

Is it only offensive if the DPJ say it? If it comes from an LDP mouth it indicates resolute leadership from the Chosen Ones?

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