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Even a minor error can lead to excess payments in the hundreds of millions of yen. Many hospitals had an inadequate understanding of the program. The prefectural governments handling the payments were also lax in their initial evaluation.


A high-ranking official of the Board of Audit. Japan's audit watchdog reported that more than 10 billion yen went to waste in government funds for programs to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

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This is what happens when you have a fractured healthcare system in the hands mostly of private-sector operators who don't cooperate or coordinate with their peers. The system needs to be nationalized.

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Many hospitals had an inadequate understanding of the program.

Or maybe they didn't if they got oodles of dosh.

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If the program can cause such huge losses with minor errors that means the system is the one that needs to change, not the users.

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No that so-called minor error can only lead to payments that are max. 10-fold too high or low, if adding or missing a single zero or other digit. Everything else , like the sums named here, are already very big errors, probably with quite some intentions involved.

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I think I know who got their hands in the excess payments, looking at friends and family members of politicians would give a lot of names on that list.

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