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Even if Naomi's rank falls and she isn't seeded, I think she has the confidence to advance to the finals of any tournament, so long as she focuses on winning one match at a time.


Yutaka Nakamura, personal trainer of tennis player Naomi Osaka whose ranking has dropped from 14 to 85.

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She has the ability for sure, but definitely not the confidence. Lack of confidence is her main issue IMO.

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That affirmation is pretty presumptuous !

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Better watch it, Nakamura. Once she's "not having fun anymore," you'll be thrown on the scrap heat like her previous coach was. The one who got her to the top.

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scrap heap

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She needs to lay off the donuts and drop 20 pounds, and get her old coach back, and stop whining. Then, maybe, she will win a GS event again.

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Very good player without doubt.

However,she is as flaky as they come.

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She needs to lay off the donuts and drop 20 pounds

Yes, her physique & fashion is starting to resemble that of Serena Williams

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I think she has the confidence to advance to the finals of any tournament

I think it is not ability or confidence, she just had enough. Leave now while on top. We may be very good at things that simply don't interest us.

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She's done enough and not obligated to anyone. She starts winning and everyone has advice so here's my two cents that she won't give a damn nor hear about: Focus on yourself and not worry about anything else. You're already vastly more successful, wealthy and famous than any female tennis player that's ever represented Japan. What more do the people want? No one cares about your mental health just about winning. Keep doing YOUR thing, Naomi.

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She doesn't have the confidence. The arrogance at times, maybe, and that in part is due to the false confidence everyone in the media here gave her for a while (she's back to doing ads again instead of practicing), but not really the confidence. Would be nice to see her move up again, but hard to see as well.

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