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Even if we have enough doses of vaccine, we still need to secure staff and venues. In addition, some people cannot receive booster shots any time soon because their health condition has changed or for reasons related to another vaccine they took.


An official at the Koto Ward office in Tokyo, commenting on the slow progress of the coronavirus booster campaign.

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-reasons related to another vaccine they took.

So what's that all about then? Some details please.

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The Vaccines are abundant....The problem is distribution.

To get one takes only a few minutes. Anyone can give a shot in the arm without a doctor’s license...you don’t need a license to do so,

Payments are the problem. Money.

Some people live day-by-day because that are not paid properly...There is a teacher in Japan that get paid over ¥350.000 to knit during the day


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Marty! It seems we've arrived in 2021!

Great Scott!

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