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Even if you were OK three years ago, you may not be now. Ideally, senior drivers should take a cognitive test annually just as they would undergo a health check.


Professor Tokoro Masabumi of Rissho University, raising questions about Japan's testing requirements for elderly license holders after a fatal car accident involving a 97-year-old driver. Drivers 75 or over must undergo cognitive impairment screening to test their memory and judgment capabilities every three years before they renew their licenses.


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Literally looking over my shoulder wherever I walk. Many streets have no sidewalks, and even if they do, electric bicycles whiz by without a care. I see cars whipping by with one eyeball hopefully on the road and the other texting on the iphone. However, I never see a cop stopping or cautioning such persons. Getting scary.

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From what I've been seeing on a daily basis, it's not just senior drivers who might have their driving abilities called into question. I'd rather take my chances with senior drivers when I'm riding my bike than, for example, some truck drivers' overtaking. It seems many stop at simply knowing how to operate a vehicle and don't bother with inconveniences such as road etiquette or traffic laws. Often, a car with a 練習中 sign on the back slows other drivers down better than traffic lights or pedestrian crossings can.

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They might want to speed up the approval for self driving cars- at least for seniors. I'd feel safer with self driving cars on the roads than seniors behind the wheel.

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