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Even with the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the reaction against nuclear power has been much stronger in Europe and the United States than in Japan itself.


New York Times writer Norimitsu Onishi

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Probably because many Japanese understand that providing power to drive the economy here means not giving up viable sources until proper replacements can be put into play. A lot of the reaction world wide seems to be knee jerk, something rare in Japan.

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I don't think that the Japanese are less knee jerk, but more "shoganai" than everybody else. They take whatever authority gives them without much complaint. Of course, you could spin that any way you like to support whatever belief you may have.

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A new Nuclear Energy plant construction plan was voted down by city of Pueblo, Colorado USA in May after everyone learned how dangerous it is. Obama has to reconsider his clean energy plan (nuclear) seriously for going forward.

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Really! 70% in a recent poll against restarting reactors in Japan.That seems high enough to me....... Maybe Norimitsu should come back here and talk to the people !

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