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Evidence suggests that Megumi Yokota and more than 200 other Japanese abductees are dead. They were abandoned because of Article 9. Without it, Japan could have brought them back home by threatening t


Japan Restoration Party leader Shintaro Ishihara, calling for a revision of the the pacifist Constitution (Fuji TV)

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By this very quote, he is showing himself for what he is, a rabid warmongering fool with a bloodlust !

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What a load of crap. Even if there were no Article 9 no sane country would go to war over the abduction of a few people. Such a move would not not only put the lives of millions of Japanese in danger it would mean the possible execution of the abducted people.

This is an example of what happens when right wing politics is mixed with dementia.

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Sounds like a very good reason to leave Article 9 just as it is. Like Ishihara says, it prevents stupid politicians starting stupid wars for stupid reasons, and saves the lives of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands or more.

Thank you for spelling that out, Ishihara.

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Yeahhhhhhh let's start a war so all of those potential survivors will be killed.

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Absolutely idiotic. Notice the careful construction - "threaten to wage war." Perhaps he is unaware of the NK bluff-calling penchant. At any rate, despite the political animosity between the North and the South, methinks saber-rattling by Japan would prompt the South to protect the North by turning against Japan.

It'd be nice if these people would make some tiny effort to think things through.

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Ishihara is just DYING to go to war. Selfish little man wants to prove something to the world but yet, has no care about the thousand of young men who would die in his little battle. Selfish and a loon. Someone do away with him soon before he really does cause something horrible.

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How can Japan Today allow such bloody rhetoric from a war mongering fool on its pages-astonishing!

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This man (and the ideas he represents) is clearly dangerous. As much as I despise the ridiculous LDP platform (unlimited money printing, inflation, Keynesian stimulus plan and construction boost, nationalist "love Japan" education program), I hope that they won't at least ally with this dangerous war-mongering party.

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wow he actually said that...how delusional. The sad thing is, people actually will vote for this fool.

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... and so Japan comes full-circle in only 70 years. From a "nation-first" militaristic society, to a total repudiation of war and the military clique that misled the population during WWII, and now swinging back to a "nation-first" militaristic society.

It's one thing to change your constitution to be able to defend your own borders, it's quite another to change your constitution so you can start threatening other countries with military aggression.

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Well, I don't have to repeat that this guy is an absolute idiot, do I?

The interesting part is rather

Evidence suggests that Megumi Yokota and more than 200 other Japanese abductees are dead.

When he has this evidence, then why doesn't he tell all his fellows who every other day want us make believe that this is the biggest problem which Japan has?

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A taste of things to come from a Shinzo Abe led government (from a 2006 NY Times article):

"Prime Minister Abe is using this issue to try to carry out certain political goals," said Yoneyuki Sugita, a historian at Osaka University. "North Korea is evil, and to respond against it, he is effectively saying that Japan must revise its Constitution and promote patriotism in its schools. This is the direction in which he is pushing this country. This has been very successful."


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