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Factors behind the accidents could be the inexperience of out of town drivers working in Tokyo and in some cases, drivers might have been in a hurry to arrive at venues on time.


A Tokyo metropolitan police spokesperson, saying at least 50 accidents involving vehicles related to the Olympics had occurred in the capital during the first week after the Games.

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How is that possible? Most routes are reserved for Olympic traffic? Or are they venturing outside the bubble?

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could be the inexperience of out of town drivers

...which would mean bad hiring and training by the Olympic officials.

Or it could be also be the crummy conditions and stress from it all.

From an article specifically about this: 

Tens of thousands of shuttle bus drivers brought in to help the Tokyo Olympics run smoothly got a lot less than they bargained for: long hours, lousy accommodation and practically no measures in place to keep them safe from skyrocketing COVID-19 cases in the capital.


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Straight, unfiltered spin from the boys in blue.


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Accidents happen... Just pray that they are not fatal.

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Accidents happen... Just pray that they are not fatal.

That's not how it works. The driver rear-ended another vehicle. It could be a week or two before spinal injuries from whiplash make themselves known, which could be life-changing for the victims. If you are a professional driver, you are held to a higher standard than regular drivers, and the law reflects it.

If they are 'volunteers', did the organisation (JOC) spell out their responsibilities before taking them on, properly organise logistics so they have realistic times to get from A to B to avoid putting them under dangerous pressure, train them on Tokyo roads, give them a chance to get used to the vehicles, give them a reasonable shift with proper breaks, so they are not overtired, provide a place to cool off to make sure they can concentrate on the road for the period they work, maintain the vehicles properly...? Are they properly insured to carry passengers? If they are paid a per diem to cover their expenses, does that void their volunteer status and possibly their insurance? If so, is the driver personally liable for 3rd party injuries?

Very often, organisations sail close to the wind when the legal status of an activity is not clearly defined, unlike for professional drivers.

I would not be at all surprised if a big chunk of the blame for this situation really lies with the JOC, which is obviously 'too big to go after', and the individual drivers will take the fall for a chaotic and dangerously organised system. @Alfie Noakes' link above to the Asahi article makes clear the professional drivers have been tricked and are being poorly treated. Would anyone be shocked if the JOC has hoodwinked 'volunteer' drivers into doing the same job but not paid for it?

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It was only ever the athletes who were going to be "bubbled", but even then the athletes have the ability to travel to other venues as long as they are trackable. There are cases of athletes celebrating their medals at parties for example. Complete lie about the bubble.

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People who do not drive professionally like taxi drivers are volunteering to drive people around the city. They are rushing like someone said in possibly unfamiliar areas of the city.

Blame the disorganization and incompetent Japanese Olympic committee for this problem.

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I'll never understand why they are using volunteer drivers.

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Folks, another thing is there are a LOT of NON-resident foreigners here for the games who are ""drivers"" driving people around in a country they are NOT familiar with, not only is this inherently unsafe its also a massive scam, I mean they have to fly into Japan, stay in paid accommodations & get paid & their employer get a hefty profit......

Its off the charts!

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