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False posts on Chinese have gone viral on social media since the outbreak. Officials have been repeatedly contacted through telephone and email by people passing along the rumor that Chinese are intentionally spreading the virus for the purpose of terrorism.


Hiroshi Umeda of the health ministry's infectious diseases control division, calling on people not to be taken in by misinformation about the coronavirus.


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China has been lying about the origin of the corona virus and the extent of the spread of the corona virus.

January 30, 2020: Senator Cotton Urges China Travel Ban https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iT3txmbWxb4

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If the virus is a tool of Chinese terrorism, why are they spreading the virus mainly in China?

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Perhaps because most people living in Wuhan will leave Wuhan during the Lunar New Year holiday. Perfect time to see how the virus would spread during a mass-migration. Also, governments have a history of poisoning their own citizens. It's nothing new.

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Suspected victims of the virus are being locked in their homes. It's illegal to post anything on social networks about the virus. It's illegal not wearing a face mask.

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To add to your comment: Cambodia owes a lot of debt to China, so the Cambodian government kowtows to China. To hide the extent of the spread of the virus, the Cambodian government has told its citizens to NOT wear face masks.

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china is country that will not hesitate to kill its own people ( Tiananmen, Cultural Revolution, etc). You think they won't intentionally spread viruses to other countries, esp with human carriers ( who don't mind sacrificing themselves for the "greater good")?

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Coronavirus(es) aren't anything new, but this particular strain is. It's also particularly deadly which points to a relatively recent evolution, as no one really has any baseline immunity.

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On Chinese social media rumor is that this virus is engineered by foreign power ,specifically designed to target Chinese people。

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I don't get how this is so difficult.

No matter where you are in the world there will be foolish people who make crap up, or misinterpret what they see and rush to re-post it. It's not rumors engineered by foreign powers, it's not organizations trying to provoke a panic.

The CCP is one of the worst political organizations in the world. But this virus runs counter to everything that is important to them. They maintain their grip over China through force on one hand, and then with the consent of the people in the other. Stability and growth are key to their rule, and the unsaid consent disappears the moment that China stops being stable. This virus has tanked their markets, killed people, ripped apart families and done just about everything else it could to make life difficult for people, and they're turning around to blame the government. The idea that this was engineered is plain nuts.

And yes, the CCP lies about everything, so covering up at the start, as terrible a thing as it was, isn't out of the ordinary for them.

Seriously.. if I were Chinese (I'm not, just lived there for half my life) and read comments like this I'd probably think laowai are a holes too.

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