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Female candidates tend to encounter terrifying experiences during campaigning. They become targets of sexual harassment. Some men even try to touch them.


A first-term female lawmaker who was met with sneers from her male counterparts and supporters of her party when she raised her concerns about female candidates being exposed to sexual harassment from voters while campaigning.

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Japan still has a LOOOONNNGG way to go...

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That kind of behavior is just simply immature and callous. @ Aly - Yes, if people continue this behavior towards the opposite sex, yes, they have a long way to go, especially in regards to maturity and respect. People like those males aren't worth the attention. Shame on them and more power towards females.

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Well said Chico!

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Too much sexual and power harassment in Japan!

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As the female lawmaker stated and other posters have commented, Japan has a long way to go in providing a safe environment for its women, whether that be on the campaign train or in the trains.

In order to address these issues, it's vital that the root causes for these problems are discussed and examined.

Certainly glossing over or deleting relevant posts won't help.

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