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Few people care when the price of an astronomy telescope goes up. But a hike in the cost of milk or eggs will be reported as big story on every single news show.


Yasuhisa Tsuzuki, a spokesman for Vixen Co Ltd, which commands nearly 60% of the local market for astronomy telescopes and plans to raise prices by as much as 24%. Economists say companies that make premium products are confident they can charge more without losing business.

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You can't eat a telescope.

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Yes, ‘few people care’. - 1 out of 7 children in Japan is hungry, daily, and their working mothers & fathers can barely keep the family together while living in poverty.

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Of course, people drink milk and eat eggs every day.

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Who cares about what a telescope manufacturer thinks about raising the prices on their products? Astral viewing is a hobby. Like photography and collecting fine wines, both of which I actively pursue, regardless of cost. And like the previous posters wrote, the majority of people have to eat, first, and even here in Canada, costs for basic foods are escalating dramatically. Like I said, who cares. The spokesperson's comments are way out of line.

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vic.MToday 08:00 am JST

You can't eat a telescope

Beat me to it. Can't drink a telescope either.

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vic.MJan. 15  08:00 am JST

You can't eat a telescope.

They’re a little crunchy, but aren’t bad with a little Kewpie mayo…

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Ummmm... you can't eat -- darn! You guys all beat me to it.

There's a good reason why few people care about when telescopes go up in cost and why MANY care when food does.

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Chances are that the purchaser of an astronomy telescope has already satisfied his or her basic essential needs, like food, shelter, safety, etc, and got into a hubby that requires some investment. And the percentage of that investment compared to the income, is much less than the ordinary person whose income is low and has to buy essential like milk. Higher price of milk affects more people who would get affected by a higher price of a telescope.

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