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Fish and shellfish that sushi restaurants used to throw away in one day can be used for about a week.


Mikio Atobe, president of Kawasaki-based Meat Epoch. The secret is in an aging sheet laced with mold spores that are harmless to humans. This product triples the aging speed of food while blocking out bacteria that cause food to go bad. Wrapped in the aging sheet, tuna can go 20 days without decaying.

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 This product triples the aging speed of food 

I think the writer meant to say the opposite. Why would anybody want their food to spoil 3 times faster?

People laugh, but already the public eats lots of "fresh" food that has had its shelf-life extended by various methods. People in many countries eat eggs that are well over a month old when they hot the store shelves. People everywhere are sometimes eating "fresh" apples or onions that are almost a year old.

Almost everybody greatly overrates their own palates and sense of taste. So, yeah, I think people will be eating this stuff soon enough at their local kaiten sushiya.

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Might use this with meat or veg, but certainly not shellfish.

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Might use this with meat or veg, but certainly not shellfish.

It's a good idea not to eat too much shellfish anyway, for a whole host of reasons.

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This reminds me of growing shiitake mushrooms. You drill holes in logs and inoculate them with dowels soaked in shiitake spores. For it to work, you have to do it before a different fungus colony moves in. This will not happen if the shiitake fungus gets in first.

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The word decay reminds me of the dentist.

Will the decayed but so called safe fish be taxed at 8% or 10%?

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But wasting food is a Japanese tradition.

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