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Fishing cannot survive unless people buy the fish. That may seem obvious, but Fukushima is facing up to this.


Nobuyuki Yagi, a University of Tokyo professor studying the fisheries industry after the March 11 disaster. The first seafood caught off Japan's Fukushima coastline since last year's nuclear disaster went on sale this week. (AP)

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Who in their right mind is going to buy fish from this area? Idiots. When they can't sell the fish, they'll relabel it and sell it as being from somewhere else which is a HUGE problem. Close the fisheries in the area. Period.

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He should more precisely say that "Fishing in nuclear contaminated water cannot survive unless people eat the nuclear contaminated fish." Unfortunately, anyone with the means would avoid that fish for the time being.

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This "professor" CLEARLY shud NOT be a professor, clearly not very smart haha

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Well, fish from highly contaminated areas has been banned for a long time. I think the professor refers to places that have low radiation doses but people refrain from buying it nevertheless.

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hmmmmm, I'm not a professor butttttttttttt. When it rains in Fukushima (rain, tropical storm, typhoon) and you have run off water. Where does that empty out too ? Can the sewage treatment plants decontaminate the water ? Where does that water flush out to ?


Since the Power Plant is located near the sea, when it rains where does the water go to ?

I am going to act like the professor and say the solution to the fisheries is temporary locate the fishing companies to other prefectures ( for example the west coast of Honshu or relocate them to Sapporo )

Problem solved !!!!!

Just shut it down for 15 years, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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