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For a very export-driven economy, it’s actually holding up pretty well. Given the global collapse of exports, you’d expect Japan to be doing much worse. The big question going forward: Is there a straw that breaks that camel’s back?


Izumi Devalier, chief Japan economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She says that given its challenges, Japan’s economy has been remarkably resilient.

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Japan's reliance on burning fossil fuels and dependence on nations selling them could be a haystack. You'd think Japan would have learned from what happened with the oil embargo almost 80 years ago and by now developed alternatives to powering vehicles and generating electricity instead of using so much oil, gas and coal.

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...Japan’s economy has been remarkably resilient.



Japan is still the 2nd largest holder of US Treasury Bonds.

One of the top ten countries in foreign aid to developing nations.

There is strong industry with quality products.

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They were using nuclear until Fukushima......

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With US and China trade friction, Japan has a great opportunity to keep and increase market share utilizing manufacturing platforms in other SE Asian countries. The anvil is breaking China's back.

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Japan's economy has long been in a good place (except for lacking natural resources). It can borrow its own money to pay its debts, which means its "straw" is a lot more resilient than most other countries, especially ones indebted for foreigners or the eurozone's Euro-chumps.

Japan remains the world's largest creditor country last time I checked, with a solid current account balance, and its GDP per capita growth is in line with OECD averages.

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