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For foreigners with a limited understanding of Japanese, high school entrance exams present a huge challenge. Some of these students are not adequately prepared and simply give up.


Yoshiko Tsubouchi of Multicultural Center Osaka. A report compiled by an Education Ministry panel recommends that to increase opportunities for foreign students to enter high schools, special admission quotas need to be set and expanded, as well as adequate support for students after enrollment. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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So much competition in Japan. My students are often surprised when I tell them we didn't have HS entrance exams. We just automatically went to the HS closest to our home

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Not surprised as NLPT 1 is the equivalent of a high school graduate ergo needed level to enter Uni. Which is the purpose of the Test.

HS requires at least 1000 Kanji plus fluency in spoken Japanese,

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This whole TESTING crap in Japan needs to go the way of the dodo!! After well over 2 decades here for the life of me I don't see how this benefits children AT ALL!!

And don't get me started on the plague that is juku!

What a colossal waste of youth in these tests & "studying" & for WHAT!?!?!!?

Toss in kids who maybe didn't grow up here & its EASY to see how they get thrown under the bus..............sad all round.

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Yeah sure, my country tests people on our language before they can get permanent residence. Granted no tests at school your grades decide if you can advance or enter university.

Said that my son passed his HS exam here on the 1st attempt but than he was raised on Japanese mostly with English and German as 2nd and 3rd language.

Yes, he is trilingual as both his parents were/are fluent in multiple languages.

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So, basically Yoshiko wants to lower standards for foreigners to be able to enter high school in Japan. Funny me, Japanese students have been doing fine with the current system in place for decades. Why the need for change?

Are people who support this admitting that the Japanese education system should lower their standards and make things easier for non Japanese citizens to be able to attend school?

I bet these are the same people that would criticize such a move back in their home countries, that immigrants and foreigners should learn the language and abide by the rules and system in place, and that standards should never be lowered for the sake of political correctness. Double standards again.

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Support is what is needed.

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