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For past Olympics, we found fake ticketing sites. But with almost no fans at venues for the Tokyo Games, and many public viewing events canceled, it's possible that cybercrimes are proliferating around counterfeit websites claiming to be providing TV broadcasts or livestreams of the Games.


Trend Micro Senior Analyst Junsuke Sawarame, saying that fake websites touting free Tokyo Olympic livestreams are proliferating.

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honestly who cares abt these tickets now?

turn the page,,,

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I think fake tickets are still being sold to naive people, I am sure some people are paying huge amounts of money to be part of the privileged VIPs seeing the games only to find out later they were fooled out of their money.

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In this special case I would make an exemption. lol Who is such crazy wanting to watch that propaganda bs, is of course also crazy enough to be tricked and ripped off by those ticket fakers or websites. Very much deserved…

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