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For the people who suffered through the disaster, 10 years is just an accumulation of everyday life and nothing changes in a big way. I will continue, despite having little power, to help and console people.


Actor Ken Watanabe, 61, expressing his determination to continue standing with the people of areas devastated by the powerful earthquake and tsunami that struck eastern Japan almost 10 years ago. He opened a cafe that serves as a meeting place for people in Kesennuma, a tsunami-hit city in Miyagi Prefecture, seven years ago.

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And he donates all profits to those that feed the homeless.

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SandyBeachHaven, thank you for that important piece of information.

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For those who experienced it and survived or those of us who watched major disasters unfold on live TV, those days and the suffering are etched into my brain for eternity.

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@zichi, I was in Sendai when it happened. Visited Kesennuma the next year. 'Etched into my brain for eternity'? You bet your sweet begonias. But the worst memory I have of post-destruction was Nobiru Beach, where I met a young widow on the seawall who was there to mourn the loss of her husband, two children and both sets of grandparents. I have never, ever felt so heart-torn.

Best wishes to everyone. I wish I could come back to pay respects, but a little virus problem seems to have screwed up everything for everyone.

I picked some daffodils today, and put them in a vase on the kitchen table, just to remind me of how lucky I was.

With respects.

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