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From about mid-March, there was an increase in patients whose infection routes could not be traced, although the virus was likely brought in from abroad. Travel restrictions on flights from Europe, where infections were spreading, should have been implemented earlier.


Masaya Yamato, who heads the infectious diseases center at Rinku General Medical Center in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture. The government's decision to declare a state of emergency for Tokyo and six prefectures on April 7 came a week after COVID-19 infection rates had peaked, according to an expert panel advising the government on the health crisis.

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I agree on his view. The virus originating from Europe was responsible for the "second wave" or resurgence in late March and April. Border controls are crucial.

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We are entering a new era of border restrictions with no real lifting in sight.

There have been serology studies in Japan that have proved that the virus is actually way more widespread than what the reported cases would make you believe.

Thinking that somehow the virus can exterminated is just naive and stupid. The virus is widespread all over the world.

Putting borders control will not stop a virus you already have in you.

It would have made more sense as a way to suffocate the virus when it was not widespread, but that possibility ended back in February.

There is no real end-game, the idea that a vaccine will stop the virus is not corroborated by science, not to mention that there has never been a virus for a Coronavidae, and there is a big possibility that there would not be a vaccine. And even if there is a vaccine, it will probably not eradicate the virus completely, just as Flu vaccinations never even intend to eradicate the Influenza virus.

People have to wrap around their heads that humanity will have to live with this virus alongside all the other virus we live with.

Right now, politicians are playing a game of restrictions and controls that have no end in sight, have questionable efficacy, and very dire consequences for the quality of life of everyone in the world.

Sometime people need to accept the fact that, they are not in control of the world.

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Yeah, well, Abe was busy promoting his Olympics to give a damn. The only saving grace is that the UK did worse, letting every Tom, Dick and Harry in, often without any checks.

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Assumption stated as fact without any evidence to support it. The man should be ashamed of him self (unless his comment has been taken out of context and mis-reported) as it stands the epitome of fake news.

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