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Fukui, facing Wakasa Bay, is blessed with a variety of seafood and famous for its rice, soba noodles and Wakasa brand beef.


Paul Perriniaux, president of the Japanese unit of French tire giant Michelin's famous restaurant and hotel guide which will cover the central Japan prefecture of Fukui for the first time ever.

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You mean when the Michelin star ratings were given to Japanese restaurants they didn't cover all the prefectures?

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No need. There is not a world-class restaurant in the whole of Hokuriku.

A lot of made up posts on this site. In the small town of Uozu-shi in Toyama-ken there is a sashimi restaurant with a Michelin star opposite the station.

I used to live in Toyama-ken and there are an abundance of world class restaurants. You probably never lived in Hokuriku.

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I don't know about Michelin stars, but there's great seafood in that region. The "rice", "soba noodles" and "Wakasa beef" are marketing blurb though because they are not famous. They may be fantastic, but they are no more famous than anyone else's.

If they want to play the "our famous (something)" game, one thing that region is definitely very famous for is nuclear power plants. It's called the "genpatsu Ginza".

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