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Going online makes it easier to attend for people who couldn’t come to the venue in person, such as parents raising young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. It may become an option for weddings even after the pandemic is over.


Mayuko Okada, editor-in-chief of the marriage information magazine Zexy. With the coronavirus making it difficult to organize large gatherings, the wedding industry is following the trend of using livestream technology to allow others to join in the celebration of a new couple’s life together — at a safe distance.

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A trully bright mind. Internet is just another form of media. Same like TV or radio decades ago.

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Robert Cikki: "Internet is just another form of media. Same like TV or radio decades ago."

Not really, aside from disseminating information. The Internet is lords above that in so many other ways. First, television and radio are/were not interactive. Both are entirely one way. Look at how people attend meetings via the Internet, work in groups, etc. You couldn't pay by TV or radio (still had to call any numbers they gave), couldn't register for things, comment, etc.

In any case, people need to stop thinking in terms of Covid-19 "being over" and start realizing that it has brought about permanent change, and some of those changes, including attending events like weddings, funerals, and what have you, can still continue. Heck, even if Corona does "end" and we can go back to "normal", why would this stop? It's not exactly easy, even without the virus, for family overseas, the infirm, or pregnant women, etc. to attend events. That goes for telework, and many other things, even drinking parties.

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@smithinJapan Are you calling this 2020 ‘change’ in lifestyles, work styles, commerce, politics, etc the rumoured “Great Re-set”?

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