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Golf in Japan has an image problem. Golf paid for by your company is bad, golf for entertaining clients is bad, golf as a status symbol just by having the membership is bad, golfing and sacrificing th


Hiroshi Tezuka, who owns seven courses across the country. (Bloomberg)

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It's interesting to note that many golf course construction projects across Japan were stated, not because of the demand, but so that the local Yakuzas could over-inflate costs and rake in profits.

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As a non-golfer, I think golf courses contribute to environmental degradation and take up space in a country with a severe shortage of developable land. What individual golfers do is their own business. I have to assume that some of them have reasoned through the family v. company decision and made the choice themselves.

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An image problem with who? If it's with people who don't play golf, then why care, as they are not customers.

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My first post should have said "started", not "stated". I should check before hitting the submit button.

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Golf is only sustainable in temperate, northern climes. Anywhere else, it's a mega-thirsty, chemical-intensive pursuit of the very few at the expense of many.

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When a poorly laid out, rather pathetic excuse for a local course, that wouldn't even be charging ten dollars overseas (American, Canadian or Australian) routinely charged 8 to 10 times as much in Japan, you're going to have an issue of useless elitism.

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Let's face it - golf in Japan's primary purpose is to serve as a business tool. If enjoyment develops into a hobby from this, then that's great. All the more power to them! It just amazes me that in a country where golf is basically the national sport, there is a severe lack of world class players (hence my point of it being a business medium between clients). Where's Ryo Ishikawa or Ai Miyazato these days? The unforgiving Japanese media have dropped them like a tonne of bricks.

THIS is the image problem. Predominately business, not enjoyment & a lack of superstar role models.

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Golf continues to be viewed by many as an expensive game, which goes hand-in-hand with perceptions of it being an elitist game and many golfers believe that the golf is not accessible to everyone. Golf must create an integrated marketing strategy to grow their participation rate among women. Golf should also establish messaging programs for seniors that emphasize the health,social and fun attributes of the sport.

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Not to mention that it's the ruin of a perfectly good walk.

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I dunno, during this past second rainy season, I saw several men practicing theit golf swings with their umbrellas on train station platforms, lol.

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Why don't you all just let people do whatever the hell they want to do, since they're paying to play and you aren't.

What the hell is wrong with you people? More gaijins telling everyone how to run their lives and how it's always "better" over there.

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@darnname Over where? I think people come here to criticize. What's wrong with that, specifically? If it were rudeness you were complaining about I'd support you, since the internet is full of nastiness. But just having an opinion about society? I don't think letting people "do whatever the hell they want to do" is a very good idea.

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