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Having a system where companies hire throughout the year is beneficial for both the employer as well as those being recruited.


Atsushi Takeda, chief economist at Itochu Corp. Many graduates who were promised jobs in 20121 have seen their offers rescinded because of the coronavirus as companies froze hiring. Economists say a less rigid career progression would be better for Japan's economy.

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Do not worry 20121 is too far away to offer a job anyways ;)

But in seriousness all year round recruiting while good is so alien to Japanese companies it would have a ripple effect on so many different industries I do not see how they can manage .

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But The Cherry Blossoms? can't possibly start a new job without the Cherry Blossoms. This is madness, society will collapse.

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Agree with Takeda and borscht. Just hire when you need to

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A company I'm familiar with has been hiring employees, are you ready for this? As needed!

If they need a computer programmer for a new and better procurement system, they hire – Regardless of the Month! – a computer programmer!

Not a freshly graduated student who spent the last four years pretending to study economics or law or 'internationalism'.

They've been doing this bizarre (for Japan) hiring method for about five years now; ever since a new CEO came on board after working in Europe for 10+ years.

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