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He sometimes responds to questions with a sullen face, and frowns at unpleasant queries. This obviously does not leave viewers with a favorable impression.


Mutsumi Nishida, a senior staff writer for the Nikkei, saying Prime Minister Taro Aso doesn't look good on televised press conference. (Nikkei Weekly)

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He doesn't look good at any time, so no worries.

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Could also be the stupid things that come out of his mouth.

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Or in other words... "We don't like things to be unpredictable."

Could be a sign that Aso just doesn't like where he is. too, though.

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Talking out of the side of his mouth, saying stupid things, using the vocabulary of a fifth grader: things add up, eh?

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I think he does not even is the real one in control, probably he's just a puppet

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