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He tried to build a legacy that would characterize his tenure but the only legacy will be the length of time in office.


Hitoshi Komiya, a professor of modern Japanese political history at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, and a critic of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


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Spot on

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the only legacy will be the length of time in office

And Abenomask.

I'm keeping mine in wraps. Hopefully it will be actually worth something someday...

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I haven't open mine either. And I noticed he doesn't wear those masks anymore. But he sees fit to send those useless one to us. But then again, his friends made money from all this.

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Empty words, flaccid arrows, corporate welfare.

Mission accomplished!

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He built so many legacies......the secrets law,making everyone except his buddies poorer,wasting tons of cash,sontaku,killing free press in Japan,building unneeded veterinarian schools and extreme rightwing kindergartens,not answering to his minions.......the list is endless.Come on let's be honest.......he didn7t resign,he escaped.

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let's face it, Japan has been a democracy since mid 1945, Japanese had plenty of opportunity to choose a leader(s) to run the country but has failed miserably!!!

Abe didn't have it easy but did try to bring women to the forefront and sort out the economy. If you (the Japanese) want to sort out your country, you economy, your living standards, your political system, you have all the opportunity in the world as you not living in some communist dictatorship, so get your head out of the bottom end and start acting like grown ups!

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He beat the record for longest serving PM and resigned a week later. It would seem this was his only ambition as PM. Everything else he tried failed miserably.

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Well, at least he has his entry in "The Guinness Book...". People the world over seem to respect that as an accomplishment (of some sort). He is admirable, though, in being able to do the duties of PM while suffering from ulcerative colitis, a disease whose worst attacks can be caused by stress. It takes a strong person to endure such a thing anyway, but as PM...(!). My respects there. But I also feel some relief that Nihon's most important single Commandment: "Thou shalt NOT become an aggressor nation again (Article 9)" has remained intact despite his efforts to reassert the Samurai Spirit which might prove fatal to Nihon if it ever becomes dominant again...it almost did destroy Nihon those forgotten years ago. Wasurenai! Ne? Brains over brawn is the best future for Nihon...

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